Please wear a couple of layers of loose comfortable clothing that will allow you to move freely.  The top layer can then be removed if you get too warm.


Most yoga work is done in bare feet but please bring socks as your feet might get cold when you are relaxing at the end of the session.


Please do not wear belts or a lot of jewellery.


I can supply a yoga mat for your first free trial session but it is nice to have your own if you decide to continue attending.  You can purchase one from me or I can advise you on where to obtain one.


If you need to use reading glasses, please bring them on your first visit as you will need to complete a short form before the start.


Don't forget to bring a bottle of water, especially in hot weather.


Many people bring a blanket so that they can wrap up & stay warm at the end of the session when we do some relaxation.


Do not eat a heavy meal within 3 – 4 hours of coming to a session or a light snack within 1 – 2 hours.